Qualigeo Project was founded in 2006 by the commitment of QUALIVITA FOUNDATION; Qualigeo is the first systematized database dedicated to products with Geographical Indication (GI) FOOD, WINE & SPIRITS recognized by the European Union and national and international systems for the protection of GIs. Thanks to the constant support of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY, Qualigeo was structured in time as an open project, able to follow the growth of the agri-food system in dynamic qualities certified by organizing the information assets in a single support service to the consumer and the world research

Continuously updated, in DOUBLE VERSION ITALIAN AND ENGLISH, this ‘Corpus Encyclopedic’ has followed, over the years, the technological and informational evolution of the GI scheme helping to bring digital and printed publications. The latest evolution in time, is the implementation of the OPEN DATA concepts in order to share data useful to the development of new exploitation activities in the digital world. The systematization of Qualigeo database as a central element the PRODUCT that organizes information and multimedia content (descriptive texts, images, maps, facts and statistics, news, reference standards, disciplinary bodies associated references, social channels, etc …)

The huge information assets that complements the platform, comes from continuous monitoring about numerous OFFICIAL SOURCES and NETWORK consists of the main players in the sector. The complex information assets underlying the open data Qualigeo platform, is structured in a series of databases from multiple external sources, which through a dynamically organized structure, are integrated in order to provide a simple but complete tool for the consumer and the world research.