Bitto PDO

Production Area

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Bitto PDO is a mature semi-hard cheese produced with whole cow’s milk, with the possible addition of raw goat’s milk, no more than a total of 10%.

Production Method

The cow’s milk must come from traditional cattle breeds of the production area that are pasture-grazed. The raw goat’s milk must also come from free range pasture-grazed animals. Both types of milk must be processed within an hour of milking; the milk is put in traditional copper boilers with the shape of an upside down bell, where it is heated over a medium flame fuelled by wood. The curd, which is obtained with the use of calf rennet, is cooked at between 48-52°C for around 30 minutes and is broken until the grains are the size of a rice grain. The mass is placed in the traditional fascere, wooden or plastic molds that give the cheese its curved shape. The molds possess the indispensable characteristics of breathability and porosity, which are necessary for the salting and ripening process. Dry salting or brining is used. The minimum period of ripening is 70 days, but the cheese forms can also be left to mature for several years without the organoleptic characteristics or structure altering. In these cases, the cheese is periodically turned, cleaned and rinsed. Bitto PDO is produced between June 1st and September 30th.

Appearance and Flavour

Bitto PDO has a straw yellow rind and a compact interior that ranges from white to pale yellow, depending on how mature it is. There are sparse eyes the size of corn kernels. It has a sweet and delicate flavour. With aging, Bitto PDO becomes more compact, richer on the palate and acquires a strong and aromatic taste.

Production Area

The production area of Bitto PDO is within the entire territory of the Province of Sondrio and in the neighbouring territories of other municipal areas in the provinces of Bergamo and Lecco, in the Lombardy region.


According to several historians, livestock rearing in the Alpine valleys was started by the Celts. The custom of raising milk-giving animals in the Alpine regions during the summer has continued ever since, alongside the tradition of transforming milk into cheese. The name Bitto derives from the Celtic word bitu, meaning “perennial”. The Celtics most likely gave this name to the cheese due to the fact that processing the milk permitted them to produce a food product that could be preserved. Morbegno was the most important city for selling Bitto, and since the beginning of the XIX century the city has hosted an annual fair in honour of the cheese, which is now also well-known in the neighbouring valleys.


Bitto PDO keeps extremely well: the ripening process can in fact last for up to ten years. It should be conserved on the bottom shelf of the fridge, protected with aluminium foil. Fresh, it is an excellent table cheese to serve with dried fruits, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and accompanied by rye bread. It can also be used as a quality ingredient in numerous traditional Valtellinese dishes: it is the primary ingredient for pizzoccheri and taragna polenta, as well as completing dishes such as risotto, baked pasta and fondue. The mature cheese forms are used for grating. Bitto PDO pairs well with local wines: Valtellina Superiore PDO, Inferno and Sassella.


The product is marketed as Bitto PDO. It is sold fresh, mature, whole, in large pieces, or in pre-packed slices. The rind must bear the fire-branded product logo.

Distinctive Features

The ripening process of Bitto PDO begins in the alpine dairies and is concluded in suitable environments located in the valley, taking full advantage of the natural weather conditions of the production area.



Alpe Livigno La Tresenda di Silvestri Giorgio

Via Dali Mina, 132/A
Livigno (So)

Ambrosini Giancarlo

Via della Torre, 14
Dubino (So)

Andreola Milena

Via Bardea, 11
Bormio (So)

Az. Agr. La Vigna di Grassi Claudio e G.L.

Via Vanoni, 64
Chiavenna (So)

Az. Agr. Raethia di Giacomelli Ada Maria

Via Dei Prati, 4
Valdidentro (So)

Az.Agr. Libera di Marchesini Silvia

Via Berinzi, 216
Colorina (So)

Az.Agr.Bertolini Ernesto e Dino

Via Case, 2
Forcola (So)

Az.Agr.Fratelli Codega Michele Sergio

Via San Pietro, 457
Colorina (So)

Az.Agr.Pizzo Scalino di Nani

Via Ronchetti, 425
Lanzada (So)

Az.Agr.Stella Orobica di Murada Soc.Agr.s.s.

Via Torchione, 32
Albosaggia (So)

Barlascini Linda

Via Pradelli, 462/3
S.Pietro Berbenno (So)

Bellotti Fernando

Via Piazzetta Molina, 4
Valdidentro (So)

Bertolini Onorato

Via Somvalle, 2
Forcola (So)

Bonetta Enrico

Via Mila,22
Valfurva (So)

Bongiolatti Nicola

Strada della Tagliata, 90
Berbenno di Valtellina (So)

Bormolini Marco Vittorio

Via Ostaria, 545
Livigno (So)

Borromini Tiziana

Via Pozzoni, 1
Buglio in Monte (So)

Bottà Camillo

Via Sondrio, 8
Morbegno (So)

Bozzo Claudia

Via Roncaglia di Sotto,113/3
Civo (So)

Canclini Mario

Via Belvedere, 13
Premadio Valdidentro (So)

Cascina Margherita dei F.lli Pedranzini

Via del Fieno, 1
Bormio (So)

Cascina Tocalli di Tocalli Giulio

Via Biolo, 394/1
Berbenno di Valtellina (So)

Castellazzi Matteo

Via Galilei, 1
Bormio (So)

Cattaneo Alfio

Via Rivioni, 27/A
Branzi (Bg)

Cattaneo Ivano

Via Cambrembo, 20/B
Valleve (Bg)

Cattaneo Paolino

Via Magada, 11
Foppolo (Bg)

Cattaneo Roberto

Via E.Cozzani, 19
Isola di Fondra (Bg)

Clementi Mario

Via Monte Cristallo, 5
Bormio (So)

Coop.Le Fattorie del Mera

Via Aldo Moro, 11
Prata Camportaccio (So)

Curti Anna

Via Stelvio, 5
Grosio (So)

De Giovannetti Domenico

Via Valeriana, Fr. Villapinta
Buglio in Monte (So)

Del Curto Farm di Del Curto Gianmaria

via Dei Mezzadoi, 11
Piuro (So)

Dell’Agostino Giuseppe

Via Piatta, 26
Castione Andevenno (So)

Donagrandi Gregorio

Via Roma, 84
Valdisotto (So)

Fallati Paolo

Via Vallate, 2
Cosio Valtellino (So)

Fognini Francesco

Via Chiavenna, 6
Morbegno (So)

Gandoli Bruno

Via Carmine, 13
Forcola (So)

Giacomelli Paolo

Via Ca'Bianca, 4
Bormio (So)

Giupponi Patrick

Via Locatelli, 109
Zogno (Bg)

Guglielmana Camillo

Via Porettina, 7
Prata Camportaccio (So)

Guglielmana Mario

Via Monica, 15
Prata Camportaccio (So)

Gusmeroli Raffaele

Via Fraccia, 4
Tartano (So)

Iemoli Alessandro

Via IV Novembre, 24
Buglio in Monte (So)

Marchetti Giuliano

Via CAselli, 5
S.Giacomo di Teglio (So)

Mazzoni Ivo

Località Rusarola
Albaredo per San Marco (So)

Menghi Moreno

Via Provinciale, 3
Forcola (So)

Motta Isidoro

Via S.Marco, 89
Albaredo per San Marco (So)

Negrini Maurizio

Via Pizzo Scalino, 14
Caspoggio (So)

Paganoni Gianni

Via Coltra, 3
Albosaggia (So)

Paggi Rino

Via Spluga, 57
Prata Camportaccio (So)

Pruneri Protasio

Via Bolladore, 44
Sondalo (So)

Rini Matteo

Via Pietro Rini, 2
Bormio (So)

Salvini Juri

Via Scaluggio, 4
Mezzoldo (Bg)

Santus Roberto

Via Merlina, 23
Ardenno (So)

Soc.Agr. Lenatti Lorenzo e Dario

Loc. San Giuseppe
Chiesa in Valmalenco (So)

Soc.Agr.Baita Noa del F.lli Gurini

Via dei Prati, 7
Valdidentro (So)

Soc.Agr.Milesi di Mara e Marco s.s.

Via Prati Nuovi, 10
Dubino (So)

Soc.Agr.Semplice La Selvaggia Poschiavina di Nana 

Via S.Pietro, 150
Lanzada (So)

Soc.Agr.Taida dei Flli Curtoni Olimpio e Eligio S.S.

Via Statale, 551
Cosio Valtellino (So)

Soc.Agricola il Cornetto

Via Ronchetti, 425
Lanzada (So)

Speziale Claudio

Via Piani, 7
Forcola (So)

Tarabini Francesco

Via Cascina Del Curto, 1
Samolaco (So)

Tavasci Massimo e Claudio

Via Piano, 24 S. Cassiano
prata Camportaccio (So)

Tocalli Giovanni

Via Nuova, 19
Focola (So)

Turcatti Antonio

Via Mulini, 80
Grosotto (SO)

Vanifarm di Vaninetti Riccardo

Via Brugo, 37
Cosio Valtellino (SO)

Vanotti Antonietta

Via Cagnoletti, 24/A
Torre S. Maria (So)

Varischetti Rinaldo

Via Ai Camparei, 52
Colorina (So)


Production (kg or lt)

Turnover (mln €)

Export (mln €)

2016 231,374 2.4 -
2015 253,851 2.5
2014 239,577 2.4
2013 229,736 2.3
2012 253,864 2.5
2011 213,265 2.0
2010 246,597 2.5
2009 243,180 2.2
2008 268,656 2.5
2007 355,788 3.2
2006 342,780 2.9