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La Yancheng Long Xia IGP si riferisce al gambero selvatico della specie Procambarus clarkii pescato nelle acque del fiume Doulong, che viene cotto, posto sottovuoto e congelato.
Cina :: FOOD :: 16 August 2012
Lixian Ma Shan Yao PGI is a fresh or dried yam of the Dioscorea batatas Decne tubers, belonging to the Dioscoreaceae family. Three cultivars are used: Bangyao, Ziyao and Xiaobaizui.
Cina :: FOOD :: 10 May 2011
Jinxiang Da Suan PGI is a kind of local white garlic with a regular oblate shape.
Cina :: FOOD :: 31 October 2011
Lo Zhenjiang Xiang Cu IGP si riferisce all'aceto ottenuto dal riso glutinoso fermentato che, in base al periodo di invecchiamento, si distingue in Profumato e Vecchio.
Cina :: FOOD :: 13 June 2012
Shaanxi Ping Guo PDO indicates the Fuji, Qinguan, Yuanshuai, Gala and Jinguan varieties of apples which grow in the Chinese Loess Plateau.
Cina :: FOOD :: 10 May 2011
Longjing Cha PDO is a green tea made from fresh tea leaves which is marketed in 6 different grades of quality.
Cina :: FOOD :: 10 May 2011
The Longkou Fen Si PGI are vermicelli (long dry pasta) produced from dry starch from green string beans and peas.
Cina :: FOOD :: 29 October 2010