Soave PDO

Production Area

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The Soave PDO is reserved for the following typologies of wine: White and Spumante. The Designation also incorporates numerous geographical specifications.

Production Area

The production area of Soave PDO is within the territory of numerous municipalities in the Province of Verona, in the Veneto region.


White (incl. Classico), Spumante: min. 70% Garganega, max. 30% Trebbiano di Soave (Nostrano); within this 30%, a maximum of 5% can be grape berries similar in colour and originating from other grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the concerned area.

Description of product typologies

Soave PDO Bianco is straw-yellow in colour, at times tending towards greenish-yellow; the nose reveals fruity notes, particularly of medlar, yellow apple and tropical fruit, alternated with aromas of camomile flowers, elderberry, lime and citrus peel; it is dry, medium-bodied, harmonious and slightly bitter on the palate. It can mention Classico on the label.Soave PDO Spumante has a bright straw-yellow colour, which at times can display greenish highlights; the nose is rich, with vegetal and fruity notes blending into hints of yeasts and bread crust; the palate has a harmonious structure, with a good acid vein that brings out the freshness of this wine. Soave PDO Spumante must be obtained exclusively by natural secondary fermentation.The elaboration processes of Spumante wines must take place within the territory of the Veneto region. Soave PDO wines cannot be made available for consumption before December 1st of the harvest year; Soave PDO Classico and Soave PDO wines with the Colli Scaligeri geographical specification can be put on the market from February 1st of the year following that in which the grapes were harvested.

Geographical and sub-area specifications

The Soave PDO may be accompanied by the sub-geographical designation Soave PDO Colli Scaligeri, which is reserved for White wines produced with the same blends as Soave PDO.