Rosazzo PDO

Production Area

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The Rosazzo PDO is reserved exclusively for White wine.

Production Area

The production area of Rosazzo PDO is within parts of the territory of the municipalities of Corno di Rosazzo, Manzano and San Giovanni al Natisone in the Province of Udine, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.


White: min. 50% Friulano, 20-30% Sauvignon, 20-30% Pinot Bianco and/or Chardonnay, max 10% Ribolla Gialla, pure or with the addition of grape berries similar in colour and originating from other grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the concerned area, max. 5%.

Description of product typologies

Rosazzo PDO is straw-yellow in colour, varying in intensity; the nose is ample and complex, with hints of tropical fruit, Mediterranean scrub, acacia and hawthorn, saffron and graphite; minerality and freshness are joined on the palate with persistent notes of almond and bergamot. The use of wooden recipients is permitted for the vinification and aging processes of Rosazzo PDO wine; all operations relative to the production of Rosazzo PDO must be carried out within the production area. Rosazzo PDO can be made available for consumption from April 1st of the second year following that in which the grapes were produced. It is mandatory for Rosazzo PDO wines to indicate the year in which the grapes were produced on the label.