Ramandolo PDO

Production Area

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The Ramandolo PDO is reserved exclusively for Sweet White wine.

Production Area

The production area of Ramandolo PDO is within parts of the municipalities of Nimis and Tarcento in the Province of Udine, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.


Sweet White: 100% Verduzzo Friulano (locally known as Verduzzo Giallo).

Description of product typologies

Ramandolo PDO is golden yellow in colour, varying in intensity, acquiring warm amber tones throughout the aging process; the nose displays typically floral fragrances of violet, rose and wild flowers that unite with those of dried fruit, particularly fig and candied orange peel, with sensations reminiscent of minerals and smooth resins, all combined with a sweet and persistent spiciness; it is extremely smooth on the palate, creating a smooth sensation that underlines the extreme balance of this wine, which is counter-balanced by a slight hint of wood and a persistent sugary note leading to a long and persistent finish with sensations of candied fruit. The vinification processes of Ramandolo PDO wine, including the drying of the grapes which can take place on the vines or in suitable environments (both thermo-conditioned or with forced ventilation), must take place within the production area. Grapes destined for the vinification of Ramandolo PDO wines must ensure a minimum natural alcohol level of 11°. It is mandatory for all Ramandolo PDO wines to display the year in which the grapes were produced on the label.

Additional specifications

The Ramandolo PDO designation can be followed by Vigna (Vineyard) with the relative toponym.