Orvieto PDO

Production Area

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The Orvieto PDO is reserved for the following typologies of wine: White, Late Harvest and Muffa Nobile.

Production Area

The production area of Orvieto PDO is within the territory, entirely or in parts, of the municipalities of Orvieto, Allerona, Alviano, Baschi, Castel Giorgio, Castel Viscardo, Ficulle, Guardea, Montecchio, Fabro, Montegabbione, Monteleone d’Orvieto and Porano in the Province of Terni, in the Umbria region, and of the municipalities of Castiglione in Teverina, Civitella D’Agliano, Graffignano, Lubriano and Bagnoregio in the Province of Viterbo, in the Lazio region.


White (incl. Secco, Abboccato, Amabile, Dolce, Superiore, Classico, Classico), Late Harvest, Muffa Nobile: min. 60% Trebbiano Toscano (Procanico) and Grechetto, pure or with the addition of grape berries similar in colour and originating from other grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the concerned area, max. 40%.

Description of product typologies

Orvieto PDO Bianco ranges from straw-yellow to amber in colour; the nose opens with aromas of white fruit and wisteria, followed by sensations of fresh fruit, ripe peach and hints of butter or hazelnut, depending on the typology; it is fresh and delicately mineral on the palate, with reminiscences of fruit and aromatic notes. It can also be produced as Dry, Medium-Sweet, Semi-Sweet and Sweet wine and may display Superiore and Classico on the label. Orvieto PDO Superiore wines must have a minimum total alcohol level of 12% when they are made available for consumption. Orvieto PDO Vendemmia Tardiva varies from straw to golden-yellow in colour; it displays a pleasing floral bouquet on the nose; the palate is sweet and harmonious. Before bottling, Orvieto PDO Vendemmia Tardiva wine can undergo slow fermentation during the winter months.Orvieto PDO Muffa Nobile has a golden-yellow colour, tending towards amber with aging; the nose is pleasantly fragrant and elegant, rich and velvety; it is sweet and persistent on the palate, with a harmonious smoothness.

Additional specifications

Inter-regional PDOs: Orvieto PDO is produced with the same characteristics in both the provinces of Terni, in Umbria, and Viterbo, in Lazio.